Cali, Colombia

11th – 13th July

2 nights in a lovely hostel in Cali. Cali is one of the bigger cities in Colombia, and is famous for Salsa. It was a very nice place indeed.

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We didn’t end up going out but we did a lot of walking around the city. I found a huge fabric shop an used my dodgy Spanish skills to buy 5 types of funky fabric to take home. I also got a ridiculously purple hammock, in the hope that my next apartment has somewhere to hang it.

We stayed in an excellent hostel – The Colombian Hostel in a very nice, fairly quiet area. Mauricio who runs the hostel was really friendly, it’s a huge, beautiful, clean house, and the few others staying there were has happened a few times on this trip, we paid for a dorm room but ended up with a private room. Ace!

We saw a fair bit in our 2 days in Cali, but could have stayed longer! Wandering around San Antonio, the old part of town, was a highlight. Standard old-town fare with cobbled streets, cute cafes etc.

Good one Cali!

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