Cali, Colombia

11th – 13th July

2 nights in a lovely hostel in Cali. Cali is one of the bigger cities in Colombia, and is famous for Salsa. It was a very nice place indeed.

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Bogotá, Colombia

4th – 8th July 2013

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, was an excellent place to hang out in for 4 nights. We met up with a few friends there – Seb, my fake-brother from Quebec who I hadn’t seen in 8 years (way too long!) and past students from when I taught English, Yohanna and Alejandro.

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Santa Marta and Taganga, Colombia

Santa Marta and Taganga are on the north coast of Colombia, towards Venezuela. Santa Marta is a lovely city with lots of old colonial buildings and squares, and a pretty decent main beach (right in the centre).

Taganga is a small town of around 2400 people, and it has about 2 small stretches of paved roads. The rest is dirt, rocks, rubbish, stray dogs and chickens. It’s mostly known for scuba diving (at least 10 scuba diving companies in a town with about as many streets), and for hippies coming and seemingly staying for a long time.

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