Just came back from 2 days of visiting the islands near Puno in Lake Titicaca – This photo is from the island of Taquile looking towards the island of Amantani. We spent the night on Amantani, in a lovely room in the house of the President of the community, Valerio. It was an amazing couple of days! Now I’m on solid ground and I feel like I’m still on a boat… #blogthis http://instagram.com/p/cusFoPHEZp/

Looks like a postcard, but it’s really my photo! We finally got to Machu Picchu! We got there before sunrise – watching the sun come up over the surrounding mountains and light the land was amazing. Saw lots of swallows and some llamas. And a couple (thousand) other tourists. Not too bad though, we managed to keep finding quiet spots. Again, GOOD ONE PERU! #blogthis http://instagram.com/p/cmUFs7nEdL/