La Ciudad Perdida trek (The Lost City), Colombia

June 27th- 30th

A slightly delayed blog, but a blog nonetheless! Rob and I did the Ciudad Perdida trek through the Colombian jungle, up into the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Ciudad Perdida 146

If you’re short on time or just not into reading my ramblings, here’s the link to my photo album.


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La Ciudad Perdida trek – in short

La Ciudad Perdida trek – 4 days, 3 nights in the jungle. 46km of hills, mountains and plenty of rivers to cross. Met lovely people. Got devoured by mosquitos. Amazing experience. More words and photos later, after sleep! #colombia #ciudadperdida #lostcitytrek #teyuna #trek #blogthis

Scuba diving in Taganga

We’re currently in Taganga on the north coast of Colombia – it’s stinking hot mostly, and the best solution is to jump in the water. Rob and I did an introduction dive course this morning – It cost just $70 each and included a briefing, boat ride to a nearby bay, 2 dives (25mins and 40mins, max depth of 12m) and snacks in between dives at a cute beach hut built up the cliff from the bay. Really awesome thing to have done! Our instructor was a german guy, Julian, very chilled out and friendly.
Scuba diving is something I’d wanted to try for YEARS! I was always curious to see if I’d get scared or be calm, and I can happily day that it felt AWESOME and I was really peaceful and relaxed. I can’t wait to do more diving sometime, somewhere!

We saw lots of small fish, some really bright blue ones stood out, some puffer fish including one about 50cm long, an octopus, and some rainbow coloured parrot fish. Lots of massive brain coral too!
Super excellent experience! #blogthis #scuba

Cafe del Mar

Very happy accident! Stumbled across Cafe del Mar (THE Cafe del Mar of the chill-out music empire) atop the old Cartgena city walls just after sunset. We stopped off for a couple of cocktails as the light disappeared. Rob spotted a table next to the edge of the wall, overlooking the water and the road below (complete with crazy drivers and local buses done up with fancy lights). The wind picked up a cooled us down – an added bonus in near constant 30+ degrees! ¡Salud! #blogthis #cafedelmar #bar



Cartagena – the start!

Last night our midnight flight left Santiago in 1•C temps. Today we are in Cartagena where it’s around 34•C. Being north of the equator on summer solstice will do that!
Our accom booking messed up and we had to wander the streets in the baking midday heat to book our hostel for the 2 nights after tonight. That’s now sorted.
Next mission was food! We got 10 small cheese rolls (baked a moment earlier), water, yogurt, fresh squeezed lime juice (with added sugar water and ice) and a cup of mango slices for around $5. Ate it on the hostel balcony – the photo is the view from the balcony complete with a shower, just to cool off. Nice work #Colombia!
#blogthis #cartagena #summer

Photos from Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

Yesterday Rob and I spent the day in 2 lovely ‘twin towns’ on the Pacific Coast – Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. My lovely friend Camila in Sydney put us in contact with her lovely cousin Valentina – she was an excellent tour guide, Spanish teacher and local knowledge guru. Really really lovely day. Please see more photos below.

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