Cali, Colombia

11th – 13th July

2 nights in a lovely hostel in Cali. Cali is one of the bigger cities in Colombia, and is famous for Salsa. It was a very nice place indeed.

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Ode to the Guanábana

Colombia has lots of fruits for which there are no translations on English. These fruits just don’t seem to exist in Australia, or anywhere else that I’ve been in my life.

The most beautiful of these fruits is the humble guanábana. It’s one of the most fun words to say (try it! The stress is on the á). Th fruit is often about 40cm tall, about 30cm wide. It’s green, and covered in spikes. Beautiful, right?

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Bogotá, Colombia

4th – 8th July 2013

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, was an excellent place to hang out in for 4 nights. We met up with a few friends there – Seb, my fake-brother from Quebec who I hadn’t seen in 8 years (way too long!) and past students from when I taught English, Yohanna and Alejandro.

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Santa Marta and Taganga, Colombia

Santa Marta and Taganga are on the north coast of Colombia, towards Venezuela. Santa Marta is a lovely city with lots of old colonial buildings and squares, and a pretty decent main beach (right in the centre).

Taganga is a small town of around 2400 people, and it has about 2 small stretches of paved roads. The rest is dirt, rocks, rubbish, stray dogs and chickens. It’s mostly known for scuba diving (at least 10 scuba diving companies in a town with about as many streets), and for hippies coming and seemingly staying for a long time.

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La Ciudad Perdida trek (The Lost City), Colombia

June 27th- 30th

A slightly delayed blog, but a blog nonetheless! Rob and I did the Ciudad Perdida trek through the Colombian jungle, up into the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Ciudad Perdida 146

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