Lima, Peru

19-21 July

On the flight to Lima, Rob and I met Adventure George. Adventure George is an American dude who’s lived in Peru and Ecuador since the 70s and has an adventure company. He was excellently friendly an gave us plenty of tips for Lima, and particularly for the Puno area. We shared a cab with him from the airport and got lots of info about the city, including him talking about the 30+ years of work that has gone in to reclaiming a strip of land on he coast of Lima, at the foot of cliffs. Impressive undertaking!

Photos here, or keep reading!

We stayed at a big hostel in the Miraflores area, a fairly affluent and somewhat touristy area.

What we got up to in Lima:
– Walked down to the rock-filled beach, watched the surfers in the wintery cold water.

Beach in Lima

– walked along the fancy pier and had a local drink, Pisco Sour at the fancy bar at the end of the pier. Amazing view and a nice relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

Pisco Sour

– Frequented a cafe, Sama Cafe 3 times in as many days. A bit shiny and manufactured but also very chilled out with funky decor. I loved the colourful wall with strips of photos.

Sama cafe in Lima

– Saw a huge parade which was the school students parade for Peru’s Independence Day (which was a eel later). Plenty of colourful costumes and a great introduction to the diversity of Peru’s cultural identity.

Parade for Peruvian Independence Day

Next up on the menu was a bus to Nazca. Most of the landscape on the way there consisted of dust and dusty hills, with some Pacific Ocean thrown in for good measure.

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