Santiago day 1, jet lag style

Santiago day 1, jet lag style

The adventure started at Sydney airport with a most expensive sandwich which we scoffed at the gate – the flight boards and announcement were saying ‘final call’ but the lovely staff told us to take our time as there were still 41 people to board the plane.




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We had emergency exit row seats which was helpful for those with long legs, and decadent for me. If you were about to have a Castle moment and were going to ask what movies I watched, I’d respond ‘an hour of Les Miserables, (not great) some Modern Family episodes and a doco about Rapa Nui (Easter Island)’

The flight to Auckland was painless, and the 10+ hr flight to Santiago went on and on. Finally we made it! South America! Yahoo!!!



After declining the kind offers of many taxi drivers, we hopped on a local bus from the airport to the centre of the city – for the low low price of ~$2.50 each. Our apartment was a 5min walk from the bus stop.

At the apartment block, we were greeted by a security guard who apparently knew we were coming (I’m famous in Santiago!). The apartment is on the 14th floor and has a spectacular view over concrete and smog! Cute place and really central location.

First impression of the city: lots of stray dogs, cold, mostly friendly peeps.

Afternoon wandering a took us past the Government building La Moneda and onwards towards Plaza de Armas. A few buskers there, including a Peruvian boy with a top hat and tiny drum on his back, and a man doing a human-statue gig dressed as a miner. Being Sunday, most places were closed. We found some food and drink in the form of dos cortados (coffees) in a stand up cafe bar, and pizza, pasta and chips in a busy cafe/restaurant – easy food for those who are starving and don’t know if its lunch or dinner time. Alexander, our waiter, dutifully watched over us as we grappled with the maths and foreign coins of a 10% tip.

Once we got back to the apartment it was nap time from 5-9pm, stayed awake until midnight, and I managed to sleep til 5am.

It’s now 7am and the orange night-time tinge of the smog is lifting to a spectacular grey.


More adventures to follow!

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